Our Practice 


     As our motto implies, we are an all-woman obstetrical and gynecological health care provider group.  Our group strives to provide caring and competent medical care for women of all ages in our community, with special emphasis on comprehensive prenatal care in a family-oriented atmosphere.  We provide personalized labor and childbirth management. We also offer complete routine gynecological examinations, as well as contraception counseling, basic infertility evaluation and treatment, post-menopausal care, and incontinence in women.


Our Office


     Our decor is designed for your comfort, hopefully providing a relaxing, "non-medical" environment. Our office staff is selected for their efficient and courteous manner.  Our physicians have been trained at accredited obstetrics and gynecology programs.  Each contributes her unique personality to a common goal of providing quality patient care.



Our Services


     One of our physicians is "on-call" and always available for emergencies.  Even at night or on the weekend, our patients can call our office number for immediate attention.  For routine questions or concerns, we have an advice nurse who is well-trained to answer your questions and to direct your problem to the physician "on-call" if needed. 


Our Philosophy


    Our emphasis is on the normalcy of childbirth...that it is not a disease but rather a wonderful natural process a woman can experience!  That is why we encourage ambulation in labor and various positions for the delivery itself.  We do not push pain medications onto our patients, but, if a woman requests it, we will order a narcotic injection to help her relax and rest between contractions.  In this way we maintain a safe, low cesarean section rate. (However, there is full anesthesia dedicated obstetric coverage available, including epidurals if needed).

    Our gynecological patients also enjoy an active role in their care.  We educate extensively so that our patients can reach a well informed decision.